Subway Dubai menu & Prices (UAE) 2023

Subway Dubai Menu

subway Dubai menu: Subway is a well-known fast-food restaurant known for its custom-made meals and the freshest ingredients. With multiple outlets throughout the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Subway offers a wide variety of menu options that accommodate a wide range of preferences and tastes.

Subway offers a wide range of sandwiches, salads, and breakfast items that are made-to-order. Customers can choose from a variety of bread, meat, cheese, and vegetable options to create their own sandwiches. The restaurant also offers a variety of sauces and toppings to add flavor to the sandwich.

Subway Dubai Menu

Subway Dubai menu has items in Signature Wraps, Bundles, Breakfast Promotions, New Items, 6 Inch Meals, Footlong Meals, 6 Inch Sandwiches, 7 Inch Sandwiches, 8 Inch Sandwiches, 9 Inch Sandwiches, 10 Inch Sandwiches, 11 Inch Sandwiches, 12 Inch Sandwiches, 13 Inch Sandwiches, 14 Inch Sandwiches, 15 Inch Sandwiches, 16 Inch Sandwiches, 17 Inch Sandwiches, 18 Inch Sandwiches, 19 Inch Sandwiches, Footlong Sandwich, Signature Salads, Salads, Subway Savers, Breakfast, Catering And Platters, Side Orders, Side Orders and Drinks in UAE Subway Menu and prices in UAE.

In this post, we’ll look at the Subway menus & prices in the UAE and highlight the various categories, prices, and the most popular options.

Subway Menu and Prices

Subway Menu

Subway specializes in cuisine centered around sandwiches, wraps, and salads. When it comes to breakfast at Subway, you’ll find a variety of enticing options, including the mouthwatering bacon, egg, and cheese footlong or the 6-inch options featuring regular egg, and cheese, or steak, egg, and cheese. These selections are just the tip of the iceberg.

One standout breakfast choice at Subway is the delectable black forest ham, egg, and cheese sandwich. You can opt for a 6-inch sandwich priced at $4.19 or indulge in a footlong sandwich for approximately $6.19. This delightful combination features a toasted flatbread filled with a satisfying blend of egg, melted cheese, and flavorful black forest ham. It’s the perfect choice if you’re craving a nutritious breakfast.

What sets Subway apart is its commitment to using only fresh ingredients and bread in all its sandwiches and products. Embracing the motto “Eat Fresh,” they position themselves as a healthier alternative to traditional fast-food establishments. Notably, the majority of Subway’s workforce consists of university students, creating a dynamic and energetic environment.

Subway hours Dubai

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Opening Hours
Closing Hours
08:00 Am
12:00 Am
08:00 Am
12:00 Am
08:00 Am
12:00 Am
08:00 Am
12:00 Am
08:00 Am
12:00 Am
08:00 Am
12:00 Am
08:00 am
8:00 pm

What are the Subway opening hours?

Subway usually opens late in the morning and closes late at night in most of the Subway restaurants.

    • Monday-Saturday 🕓 8:00am – 🕓 12:00am
    • Sunday 🕓 8:00am – 🕓 8:00pm

Dubai – Subway Near Me

Subway Online Order In Dubai

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You may order from Subway online and have your food delivered. You may purchase from Subway online at any time of day or night, even for the greatest sandwiches and platters.

Subway delivers cuisine for any occasion. Enjoy the finest flavors and delicious meals. You may have Subway deliver to your residence.

The greatest quality is available at the lowest costs. The webpage is all you need to order a Subway dish.

Then, you must phone your local shop to confirm that the order was received. Additionally, you may order food online or using an app. Like As,,, etc..

Visit the Official Website if you want to learn more.

About Subway

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Subway, an illustrious eatery conglomerate birthed on August 28, 1965, emerged from the visionary minds of Fred DeLuca and Peter Buck.

Setting its maiden establishment in Bridgeport, Connecticut, within the United States, this culinary titan has ascended to unparalleled heights, now reigning as the globe’s preeminent expeditiously expanding franchise, boasting an astounding count of 44,800 venues.

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Subway Menu

What are the Subway menu prices near me?

At Subway, the spectrum of menu item prices spans a wide range, extending from AED3 to AED320. This diverse pricing structure encompasses an array of delectable offerings, with the most affordable option being the esteemed Arwa Mineral Water and the pinnacle of indulgence represented by the majestic Giant Sub. When perusing the menu at a Subway store, one can expect to encounter a captivating continuum of prices, stretching across the spectrum from AED3 to AED320.

What is Subway UAE phone number?

The contact phone number for Subway restaurants may differ from one store to another. For any assistance or inquiries, it is recommended to reach out to their dedicated customer care number or the headquarters contact number. If you require support or have any questions, you can contact Subway Customer Support at 📞 9611-999-663.

What is Subway UAE Website Link?

Subway UAE official website is If you need to send an email for support or enquiries, you can reach them at ✉ [email protected]

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