Subway Menu Price List Malaysia 2023

Subway Menu Malaysia

Subway Menu Price List Malaysia
Subway Menu Price List Malaysia

Are you in search of the most recent Subway Menu Price List Malaysia: 2023? You have arrived at the proper destination! The current Subway Malaysia Menu with pricing is listed below.

The Subway menu and pricing are obtained straight from Subway restaurants in Malaysia. The most recent Subway menu with pricing is listed below.

Sandwiches Menu

Egg Mayo Sub RM13.10
BBQ Chicken Strips RM14.85
Bulgogi Chicken RM14.85
Chicken Slice RM14.40
Chicken Teriyaki RM14.85
Italian B.M.T.™ RM16.15
Meatball Marinara RM14.85
Roast Beef RM16.50
Roasted Chicken RM14.85
Spicy Italian RM15.60
Steak & Cheese RM16.85
Subway Seafood Sensation™ RM13.10
Tuna RM14.85
Veggie Delite™ RM8.90
Cheese Meleleh RM13.10
Egg Mayo Tuna RM14.10


Wraps Menu


Bundle Menu


Salads Menu




Sides menu


Cookies & Chips


Cold Beverages


Hot Beverages


Subway Malaysia FAQ

Subway Menu Price List Malaysia

How many subways are there in Malaysia?

3300 Subways are in Malaysia. In the following five years, they intend to increase the number of their stores in the region from 3300 to around 6000.

What are the Subway menu prices near me?

Menu items at Subway range in price from RM2.4 to RM23.0. The cheapest item on the menu is White Chocolate Macademia, while the most expensive is 12 Cookies.
In general, the pricing range of the Subway menu at the location fluctuates between:

RM2.4 – RM23.0

Subway is unquestionably popular in Malaysia. It is quick, tasty, and appears to be healthful. (so, the interior is green, right?) But, you must be discerning while selecting the variety to consume.

What is Subway Malaysia Website Link?

Subway Malaysia official website is

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